On 16th of December 2018 Lode Group has acquired a renowned manufacturer of refractories Polska Ceramika Ogniotrwała “Żarów” S.A.

PCO “Żarów” S.A. is a leader of the aluminosilicate refractory materials market and its production plant in Żarów, which currently employs 260 people, is one of the most advanced production facilities of this kind in the world.

Following this recent acquisition Lode Group now employs a total of 700 people in its eight production facilities. Four main areas of Lode Group’s operations are: concrete solutions, clinker products, ceramic blocks and refractory materials.

The acquisition is an integral part of the overall Lode Group’s strategy aimed at strengthening its position as one of the largest privately-owned ceramic building and refractory materials producer in Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, it provides a solid base for further expansion, into wider international markets, both as the manufacturer of materials and also provider of engineering services, via its subsidiary PCO “Serwis” S.A.



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