Lode Group has over 50 years of tradition in the production of building ceramics. The Group was formed from the merger of five major companies in the construction sector:

• Lode SIA
• Lode Sp. z o.o.
• LHL Klinkier Sp. z o.o. (earlier CRH Klinkier Sp. z o.o.)
• Cerpol-Kozłowice S.A.
• Patoka Industries Ltd Sp. z o.o.


The product portfolio includes products:

  • Ceramic bricks
  • Clinker pavers
  • Ceramic blocks
  • small architecture: fences, gallantry
  • complementary products


Lode Group products are distributed in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary and Russia. This area is still being developed. Sale in Europe is divided into two separate divisions:

  • Distribution
  • Export



All Lode Group factories have 2+ Certificate, which guarantees durability and consistent technical performance products.


                    PRODUCTION PLANTS


                  Patoka Industries Ltd Sp. z o.o.

                  Ceramiczna 23, Panoszów

                  42-793 Ciasna


LHL Klinkier Sp. z o.o.

Fabryczna 1

68-130 Gozdnica


Cerpol-Kozłowice S.A.

Nowa 4, Kozłowice

46-310 Gorzów Śląski



                   Lode "Ane"

                   Celtnieku 34

                   LV-3043 Ane


Lode "Liepa"

Lodes 1

LV- 4128 Łotwa



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